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Hive media solutions immerse guests in the archaic splendour of the Sistine Chapel.

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Client: ARAM

System: 39 x Beeblades 3 x Beeboxes

Sector: Visitor attractions


The Sistine Chapel. A Legacy

One of the most influential figures in Western art, Michelangelo spent his illustrious career transforming Italy’s most precious palaces, chapels and religious houses into shrines of classical antiquity. 


Some of his most notable work can be found in the Sistine Chapel, which, up until now, could only be viewed in person at Vatican City. In a world exclusive exhibition held in the grounds of Warsaw’s PGE National Stadium, the historic edifice has been reinvented 500 years later with the help of media control solutions from Hive. 


Spread over three halls, the exhibition – titled ‘The Sistine Chapel. A Legacy’ – is an all-encompassing journey through some of history’s most referenced paintings and sculptures. Polish AV integrators ARAM headed up the complex installation, opting for 39 Hive Beeblades inside Panasonic SDM compatible projectors and three Beeboxes that powered LED walls, transporting guests directly to the Apostolic Palace.  


“The right technological solution had to be harnessed for Sistine Chapel Legacy, as it was the first time visitors could get up close and personal with the building outside of the Vatican,” begins Michał Mrzygłocki operations director at ARAM. The team behind the project – Manuscriptum and LIVE Event Agency – listened to our advice and opted for the highest quality solutions from Panasonic Poland and Hive. There was really no one else that we wanted for this project.” 

The team behind the project listened to our advice and opted for the highest quality solutions from Panasonic Poland and Hive. There was really no one else that we wanted for this project.”

Michał Mrzygłockin operations director at ARAM

When guests arrive at Sistine Chapel Heritage, the first room that they enter explores the era of Renaissance art, where extraordinary reproductions of Michelangelo’s Pietà and David sculptures are displayed. The second space, known as the Cinema Hall, shows the Sistine Chapel and pioneers of the movement across a huge 19-metre LED screen. The third room is where visitors become completely immersed in the chapel via state-of-the-art visual technology, all powered by Hive Beeblade, and kept in sync with Hive Beesync technology.


Named the Immersion Chapel, guests find themselves directly inside the walls of the Sistine Chapel. Beeblade, Hive’s cost-effective solution for media control, was placed inside Panasonic projectors, integrating Hive Media Player Beesync solutions and easy-to-use software into the display hardware and eliminating the need for any complex signal distribution networks. 


“The Hive solution was an essential part of the success of this exhibition,” says Mrzygłocki. “I am delighted that we got the chance to be part of such an incredible project in our home country, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Hive. It has been a hell of a ride, with short timelines for delivery and tight schedules with the setup but we did it! The visitors have all been really impressed, it’s definitely a one of a kind project.”


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Agata Dabrowska Photography

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