Decorative Line - 3
Re-Coding: A digital re-imagination of art history powered by HIVE.

Location: Rome – 2021
Client: Quayola Studios
System: Custom
Sector: Exhibition


Centred around cutting-edge technology and curating an immersive visitor journey, Palazzo Cipolla hosts the exhibition of Quayola, one of the most renowned current media-art artists in the world.

From 29 September 2021 Palazzo Cipolla in Rome hosted the first monographic exhibition of Quayola (1982), a Roman-born, London-based artist who is among the world’s leading representatives of media art.


Palazzo Cipolla is an ideal setting for Quayola’s art, which has always been marked by the constant interplay between classical education and the everyday use of futuristic visual media.


HIVE it’s certainly the most clever and efficient solution for high-quality video playback and synchronisation that I have ever come across.My solo show in Rome just finished and all 15 HIVE players worked like clockwork everyday for 6 months. Not one problem!

Quayola, Visual Artist