Odyssey: a voyage through light and time.

Decorative Line - 3
Hive Media Engines helped to take viewers on a mesmerising journey through outer space.

Location: Leeds, UK

Client: LedsAkimbo

System: Hive Media Engines

Sector: Public Art

Artists: Greenaway & Greenaway


Odyssey is a transcendent journey through space, time, light and imagination, reflecting on our place in the universe. Imagined by Artists and production company Greenaway & Greenaway and technically delivered by Daniel Williams from LedsAkimbo. Hive’s compact Hive Media Engine delivered high-quality HD playback in an energy-efficient package.

Presented as an LED monolith structure, Odyssey is a bold and dynamic light-based installation that takes viewers on a journey through the cosmos. Standing alone in the darkness, the ambient sequence uses LED technology and the Hive Media Engines to bring the far reaches of the universe into urban and natural environments.

Hive Media Engines are the ideal solution for a project demanding high-performance that doesn’t cost the planet. Offering the brand’s signature web browser control, low power consumption and easy installation approach, Hive Media Engines are a reliable media playback solution that deliver unmatched performance.

Images courtesy of © Jude Greenaway

The Hive system deployed here worked brilliantly to support LedsAkimbo’s delivery of Greenaway & Greenaway’s work. We are very happy to support this installation and vision.

Mark Calvert, Hive founder