National Museum of Qatar: Dugong

Decorative Line - 3
HIVE acts as the centerpiece of Dugong’s immersive experience.

Location: Dubai – March 2021
Client: PICO
System: x22 Player_2 Players, x2 Custom Hardware
Sector: Museum


In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, HIVE was selected by exhibition designers Opera in Amsterdam and exhibition fit out contractors PICO in Dubai as their preferred media player for the Dugong Temporary Exhibition in Qatar.


HIVE was used for various applications, including touch screen interactive games in Unreal Engine, HD and 4K video playback on TV monitors and video projectors, and challenging projection mapping exhibits.


The exhibition, featuring 22 Hive Player_2 systems, ran smoothly for eight months.


Special thanks were given to NMoQ, PICO, OPERA, and Pesh for their contributions.


The main attraction for me was the fluidity of 4k video playback and the ease of use through the simple, web-based user interface. The HIVE players are also incredibly compact, with low noise & heat implications which means I can easily hide them within the artworks, and displays being used within the museum.

Martin Harvey, Acting Head of AV Digital Support at National Museum of Qatar