HIVE brings wonders of our planet to life

Decorative Line - 3
BeeBlade and BeeBox power immersive journey through the natural world with David Attenborough, at BBC Earth Experience Melbourne.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Client: Moon Eye Productions

System: 59 x BeeBlade and 23 x BeeBox

Sector: Visitor Experience


BBC Earth Experience is an immersive exhibition that promises to transport visitors on a journey through the natural world, narrated by none other than the legendary David Attenborough.  Following the popularity of the inaugural BBC Earth Experience in London, the attraction has recently opened a second site at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. HIVE’s BeeBlade and BeeBox products were chosen to bring this captivating experience to life through seamless media playback.


“We are introducing a new technological era into the industry with the BeeBlade series, and when TDC in Australia contacted HIVE for the BBC Earth Experience in Melbourne we could not have been any more excited,” recalls Mark Calvert, Co-Founder at HIVE. “The natural world, preserving it and the beautiful nature documentaries of David Attenborough have inspired the entire HIVE team for many years.”


Produced in collaboration with Moon Eye Productions, Live Nation and BBC Studios, the BBC Earth Experience consists of eight rooms of digital art that guide visitors through Earth’s diverse ecosystems across seven continents. Visitors embark on a 360-degree audio-visual adventure, taking them deep into the heart of our planet’s most spectacular landscapes. The experience is played out across dynamic multi-angle screens, showcasing both new and existing footage from the ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ series.


What sets Melbourne’s BBC Earth Experience apart is the playback technology used for this installation. Leading Australian video technology and production supplier, TDC, harnessed an innovative and cost-effective HIVE media server solution to power the project.


Launched earlier this year, BeeBlade is a compact media engine that seamlessly integrates with video projectors and display technology through Intel’s Smart Display Module (SDM) slot, thus eliminating the need for extensive cabling. The Melbourne exhibit is equipped with 70 Panasonic projectors, with 55 creating the main immersive space, 49 of which are powered by BeeBlade. The remaining six utilise HIVE’s BeeBox to achieve 4K clarity.


The BeeBlade and BeeBox don’t just represent technological advancements; they are harbingers of a new, greener, and more efficient era in digital art installations. This transformative approach is not just a disruption in the media server space; it’s an evolutionary leap, saving time, money and the planet.

Michael Hassett Managing Director, TDC.


Panasonic echoed these sentiments on savings, as Tony Molloy, European Sales Manager at Panasonic Business Europe confirms: “In applications such as this, having a system where you can combine the projectors and media servers together in the same location saves costs from an installation perspective.”


Indeed, both BeeBlade and BeeBox represent a shift in the media server market and contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious future in digital art installations. Furthermore, the content is delivered using HIVE’s proprietary BeeSync software, ensuring perfect synchronisation of all imagery.


“The BBC Earth Experience is the perfect playground for our range of BeeBlade products,” concludes Calvert. “They align with the environmental narrative, they meet strict guidelines from the BBC to cut CO2 emissions, and most importantly they provide rock solid reliable playback to the production team, day in, day out. Our team are all immensely proud of the BBC Earth Experience, and I am eternally grateful for their ongoing support and dedication to our brighter vision to revolutionise video playback for the industry we love.”