Baku European Games

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The Baku European Games concludes with a dynamic closing ceremony. Hive Media Players ensures a memorable event,embellishing the visuals across the spectrum of closing acts, creating the perfect conclusion.

Location: Baku – June 2015
Client: PRG-Projects
System: x560 Custom Hardware
Sector: Ceremonies / Custom


Working with PRG Projects in Belgium Hive Media Control were honoured to deliver one of the most technically challenging projects they had ever undertaken. They had 6 months to deliver a new media server system which could run on a wearable computer. HIVE chose an embedded linux hardware device and developed a whole new media playback system.


To power the closing ceremony, 560 custom made, hand held, hexagon shaped LED screens were driven by a belt mounted computer and battery pack. The 560 systems had to tightly synchronize in order to create an array of different shaped screens in numerous formations.

Truly spectacular, full of history, symbolism and culture!

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee