Decorative Line - 6
Frameless blends digitalised art, phenomenal creative vision and cutting-edge entertainment technology, presenting a cultural attraction like no other.
Frameless London
Location: London - 2022
Client: Creative Technology, UK
System: x19 Player_3
Sector: Immersive Galleries / Experiential
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Dugong Exhibition
National Museum of Qatar: Dugong
Location: Dubai - March 2021
Client: PICO
System: x22 Player_2 Players, x2 Custom Hardware
Sector: Museum
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Dubai World Expo
Location: Dubai - 2021 - 2022
Client: LM Productions
System: x5 Player_4 & x7 Player_1
Sector: Exhibition
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Dubai World Expo - UAE
Location: Dubai - 2020 - 2022
System: x14 Custom Hardware
Sector: Exhibition
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BICEP - Live
Location: Worldwide - 2021 - 2023
Client: Zeal
System: x4 Player_2
Sector: Entertainment/Music Touring
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Location: Rome - 2021
Client: Quayola Studios
System: Custom
Sector: Exhibition
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Liverpool World Museum Aquarium
Location: Liverpool - 2021
Client: Liverpool World Museum
System: x3 Player_1
Sector: Museum / Exhibition
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Towner Gallery
Location: Eastbourne - 2022
Client: Towner Gallery
System: x2 Player_2
Sector: Museum / Digital Arts
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Japan Olympics Torch Relay
Location: Japan - 2021 [Originally scheduled for 2020]
Client: ARS Electronica, Austria & NTT
System: x100 Custom Hardware
Sector: Ceremonies
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Baku European Games
Location: Baku - June 2015
Client: PRG-Projects
System: x560 Custom Hardware
Sector: Ceremonies / Custom
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Multiple Screens with HIVE templates
NMoQ School Entrance
Location: Dubai - 2021
Client: MEJV
System: x9 Player_2
Sector: Exhibition / Museum
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Sub Focus
Location: UK - 2021 - 2022
Client: Zeal
System: x2 Player_1
Sector: Entertainment / Music Touring
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Location: UK - June 2018
Client: Flying Screens
System: x4 Custom Hardware
Sector: Custom / Performance Arts
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