Experience Exceptional 8K Media Playback with Unrivalled Performance, Scalability, and Intuitive Software Control all in a 1U chassis.


Introducing the Player_4 Pro – our 1U rack mount server, designed to deliver a seamless and powerful 8K media playback experience. Optimised for high-end permanent media installations and live events, the Player_4 Pro is the ultimate package for those seeking unrivalled high resolution playback quality, with a fraction of the investment compared to alternative, larger, rack-mount solutions in this power class.

At the core of the Player_4 Pro lies an 8-core ARM Cortex-A78AE CPU, combined with a cutting-edge NVIDIA Ampere 1792 core GPU. These formidable components work together to offer unparalleled performance and efficiency, making this sleek 1U chassis a game changing formfactor, at this level of video playback performance. With 32GB of DDR5 256-bit memory and up to 4TB of storage, the Player_4 Pro ensures you have ample space for your high-resolution content. Coupled with a choice of industry leading codecs including the game changing Notch LC and High Efficiency Video Coding known as H265 for playback, the Hive Player_4 Pro, offers no compromise on high quality playback.


Hive Player_4 Pro delivers extraordinary 8K content playback over 4 x 6G SDI at 2160p30, with a hardware solution that guarantees frame-accurate synchronisation across genlock. Offering multiple storage options, our signature Hive Web-based control interface, and new additions such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet for swift and seamless data transfer, SMPTE LTC Timecode In/Out and balanced L/R XLR audio outputs.


As with the rest of our Hive Player range, built on the Ubuntu operating system, the Player_4 Pro offers a stable and user-friendly platform that complements its top-tier hardware specifications. Just like its rack mount counterpart, the Player_3 Pro, the Player_4 Pro is perfect for creating immersive media exhibits, large-scale projection installations, and live events, now with the added power and capabilities for 8K content. Experience the future of media playback with the Player_4 Pro.

* Pricing is offered EX Works UK, and does not include shipping, duties, taxes for local import or VAT for UK purchases.

  • LINUX engine
  • Multiple outputs
  • 8K media canvas
  • Frame synchronisation via Genlock
  • Incredible 1U rack mount form factor at this kind of power
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • SMPTE LTC Timecode In/Out
  • Easy to use intuitive web browser interface
  • Balanced L/R XLR for Audio
  • Supports NotchLC and H265 Media
  • Pixel perfect playback
  • High quality media playback
  • NDI capture support
  • Custom designed hardware
  • Ideal for live events & high resolution media installations
ULTRA HD (2160p60) VIDEO – H265 / HEVC [ 240Mb/s ] 125 MINS 250 MINS 500 MINS 1000 MINS
ULTRA HD (2160p60) VIDEO – H264 [ 240Mb/s ] 125 MINS 250 MINS 500 MINS 1000 MINS


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