Introducing the Hive Player_4 – our flagship portable player designed to deliver the ultimate 8K media playback experience. With a focus on high quality playback and performance, the Player_4 is the perfect choice for high-end media installations that demand the best in image quality, and simplify handling of larger networks of distributed synchronised players via our innovative Queen and Worker Bee Hive player network features.

The Hive Player_4 offers stunning 8K content playback over 4 x 6G SDI at 2160p, with a powerful hardware solution that delivers stunning visuals with frame-accurate synchronisation across genlock. With plenty of storage options, our signature Hive Web-based control interface, and 3rd party control via a vast UDP command set, the Hive Player_4 is the ultimate choice for those who demand high-quality performance in an energy efficient, truly scalable networked solution. Featuring the same high performance graphics architecture as its brother Player_3, these Hive units offer significant energy efficiency and cost effective performance per pixel, compared to more traditional media server products at this scale of features and performance.


The inbuilt advanced mapping tools add any number of source and destination mapping regions. This is a powerful feature enabling configurations of larger and more complex video output requirements which could include advanced UV mapping workflows. Regions can also be converted into 4 point warps and masks which can be exported and imported with ease across a larger networked system.


Approach high resolution or large scale media playback with simple cue lists, or synchronise playback with external clock sources such as SMPTE or Artnet Timecode. Run your show, your way, with an initiative interface with a quick learning and adoption curve for users.


Whether you’re looking to create engaging media exhibits or large scale projection installations, the Hive Player_4 is the ultimate choice for anyone who demands the best in media playback, combined with frame-locked precision and powerful pixel-perfect mapping and alignment workflows.

* Pricing is offered EX Works UK, and does not include shipping, duties, taxes for local import or VAT for UK purchases.

  • LINUX engine
  • Multiple outputs
  • 8K media canvas
  • Frame synchronisation via Genlock
  • Easy to use intuitive web browser interface
  • Energy efficient hardware
  • Camera based projection alignment via third party tools Screen Berry and VIOSO
  • Pixel perfect playback
  • Advanced region mapping workflows for more advanced outputs configurations
  • Supports NotchLC and H.265 Media
  • High quality media playback
  • NDI capture support
  • Create larger Hive networks of Players for at scale playback
  • Custom designed hardware
  • Perfect for projection mapping, media installations and high resolution display technology playback requirements
ULTRA HD (4320p30) VIDEO – H265 / HEVC [ 240Mb/s ] 250 MINS 500 MINS 1000 MINS
ULTRA HD (4320p30) VIDEO – H264 [ 240Mb/s ] 250 MINS 500 MINS 1000 MINS


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