Launching Q4 2023

Build your own powerhouse of media playback. The highest density media playback system, tailored to your exact needs.


BeeHive lets you house up to 16 BeeBlade media engines in one compact 5U rack. Deliver 16 different streams of silky smooth 4K video.

Built to house Hive BeeBlade, BeeHive uses the new industry standard SDM slot. Just push a BeeBlade into the slot, connect a network and HDMI cable and you are all set. BeeBlades can also just slot into any SDM equipped display or projector, or can be housed individually in the BeeBox.


BeeHive and BeeBlade gives you a scalable playback solution at a fraction of the cost of other multi-stream media playback systems. Build your system to the exact number of video playback channels you need.


BeeBlade uses BeeSync a unique synchronisation technology that gives Genlock timing accuracy using your existing IP network. All BeeBlades in your system can play in perfect sync, whether they are within a BeeHive, inside a projector or in a box on their own.


Control all your media engines from one place. Hive’s easy to use browser-based software lets you control every aspect of your player. Build live control pages, set up playlists, create follow on commands, synchronise to external clock sources and lots more.

  • Holds up to 16 BeeBlade media players
  • Synchronise multiple players on your network using BeeSync
  • Each Blade has it’s own network connection
  • Easy to use intuitive web browser interface
  • Create custom user interface
  • Playback controls via external cue list triggers, playlists or timeline sequence
  • Energy efficient hardware
  • Pixel perfect playback
  • Supports NotchLC and H.265 Media
  • High quality media playback
  • NDI capture support