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The Beehive can house up to 16 Beeblades of any combination of spec, so you can create a network that suits the nature of your project.


Inspired by the intelligent structure of a bee colony, our Beehive is designed so that every part of it serves a purpose. Whether you fill the Beehive or use it partially populated, each Beeblade SDM slot has its own network connection to create the exact number of video playback channels that you need.


Because of this design, there’s no unnecessary power-hungry functionality that takes energy away from the visual experience you’re creating. And, you can manage each player in the Beehive through our software that’s naturally easy to use, from any device, from anywhere.

It’s flexible, scalable media control that doesn’t cost the earth.

  • Silky smooth, pixel perfect, synchronised audio and video playback
  • Scalable to large or small playback networks
  • Brings playback onboard and inside SDM compatible displays and projectors
  • Optionally sync audio and video playback to ArtNet or SMPTE MTC Timecode
  • Beesync technology brings genlock sync accuracy to existing IP networks
  • Energy efficient hardware minimises heat management in AV control rooms
  • Managed via intuitive web browser interface
  • Supports H.264, H.265 (HEVC), NotchLC, and Avolites AiM media
  • Display NDI, RTMP, and USB captured streaming video sources
  • Up to 4K video output
  • Up to 240 Hz refresh rate
  • Up to 4320p60 (8K) single layer video decode
  • Up to 2 layers at 2160p 60 (4K) each
  • Up to 800Mbit HEVC bitrate @ 4320p60 (8K)
  • Up to 32GB DDR4 3200 RAM
  • Up to 4TB storage
  • Linux OS and render engine