Home to our Beeblade player, the Beebox is our custom-designed enclosure. Small, portable and powerful, it’s capable of delivering up to 4K playback, without the need for any additional equipment.
When we created the Beeblade, we wanted to ensure that it would work for any project, so we designed the Beebox for it to live in, when there’s no SDM slot in your display technology. Flexible to the nature of your project, the Beebox can be mounted in a rack or placed behind a screen.
The Beeblade comes in three variations, all of which take their name from nature’s Apoidean species. Beeblade Minima refers to one of the smallest bees in the world that is rarely seen by the casual observer – the 2mm Minima.
Beeblade Osmia derives its title from the Osmia bee, an intelligent 12mm creature that populates using pollen collecting hairs from its abdominal scopa. Beeblade Pluto is named after the largest resin bee on the planet with a colossal wingspan of 63.5mm.


All three Beeblades can go directly into projectors and display technology with a built-in Smart Display Module (SDM) slot.
They can all also live in our Beebox and Beehive units, scaling to the nature of your project.

Pluto Beehive
The Beehive.
A unit that can house up to 16 Beeblades, whether Minimas, Osmias, Plutos – or a combination of the three. The Beehive can be fully or partially populated, depending on what you need.
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