Revolutionising Visual Experiences with Integrated Media Control at Unprecedented Efficiency and Convenience.


The future of media playback is here. Introducing Hive’s groundbreaking BeeBlade – a revolutionary approach to media control that seamlessly integrates our high-performance HIVE Media Player solution and software directly into your display hardware. This innovative solution redefines efficiency and convenience by eliminating the need for complex signal distribution networks and unwieldy control room footprints and heat management challenges!

The Intel® SDM platform has considerable power to simplify projection, display and video wall installations by significantly reducing costs and complexities, as well as by being future-proof. The HIVE BeeBlade is designed to directly connect to any product that includes an Intel SDM slot, making it compatible with products such as Panasonic DLP Projectors. This game-changing technology not only simplifies installations but also offers substantial environmental benefits, enabling both integrators and customers to focus on delivering stunning visuals with less hassle.


Powered by an Intel Core i5-1135G7 CPU and Intel Iris Xe GPU, the BeeBlade delivers outstanding performance, ensuring smooth playback and crisp visuals. With 16GB DDR4 3200 memory and up to 4TB of storage, you’ll have ample space for your high-resolution content inside your projector or screen.


Experience exceptional decoding capabilities of up to 4320p 60 (8K) and layer support for 2x 2160p 60 (4K). The BeeBlade’s maximum HEVC bit rate stands at an impressive 800 @ 4320p60, ensuring your content looks stunning and runs seamlessly.


BeeSync is a unique technology to allow frame accurate synchronisation between all BeeBlade & BeeBox devices. Using PTP over ethernet for seamless synchronisation. Accuracy is comparable to Genlock, but without the additional equipment required for Genlock over SDI. Run perfectly synchronised video from any number of players wherever they are located.


This hardware format, partnered with our powerful software features for scaling installations via our Queen and Worker Bee network approach, all through our signature HIVE Web-based control interface, this is the ultimate “on board” media player!


With the BeeBlade, embrace the future of media control, and experience the convenience and efficiency of integrating the HIVE Media Player software directly into your display hardware. This is the way.

* Pricing is offered EX Works UK, and does not include shipping, duties, taxes for local import or VAT for UK purchases.

  • LINUX engine
  • Utilises Intel’s groundbreaking SDM Technology
  • Create large playback networks with Hive Queen and Worker Bee workflows
  • Easy to use intuitive web browser interface
  • 8K media playback
  • Unrivalled efficiency and convenience
  • Reduce cost and complexity of installation
  • Less heat management consideration in AV control rooms
  • Simplified integration
  • Onboard playback for display and projection hardware
  • Space saving, removes AV control room footprint of media server hardware
  • Supports NotchLC and H.265 Media
  • The BeeBlades can output up to 240 Hz refresh rate
ULTRA HD (2160p60) VIDEO – H265 / HEVC [ 240Mb/s ] 125 MINS 250 MINS 500 MINS 1000 MINS
ULTRA HD (2160p60) VIDEO – H264 [ 240Mb/s ] 125 MINS 250 MINS 500 MINS 1000 MINS


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