Getting Started

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If you are trying to find your HIVE Player[s] on your network for the first time then you can log in to the HIVE Player directly by entering the HIVE Players IP address into your browser’s address bar.  The devices IP address is shown on the HDMI output when the HIVE Player has booted and is about to begin playing videos.  It flashes up quite quickly by default, so you may need to use your phone to record the screen in order to read the IP address.  There is a video below which indicates where the IP address is displayed.  Alternatively on a DHCP network your IP address should be listed in your internet routers configuration page.


If you need to change your devices IP address in order to access the device then you can use the maintenance menu, this is accessed by connecting a USB keyboard to the HIVE player and pressing the space bar whilst the device is up and running and playing video.  This menu allows you to set the IP address or DHCP mode manually or view the current status of the device.

If you find your Hive Player keeps rebooting, it is most likely failing to find a DHCP server on your network. At this point you either need to connect your device to a network with a DHCP server present (like a simple ethernet router), or you can pull out the network cable from the hive player, then set a fixed IP address on your device from the maintenance menu.

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